Basic Bros Journal


Basic Bros Journal

September 2019 Stay tuned for news - we will meet you out there in the real world - stay tuned for more info ;-)

July 2019 Keepin´ it real and going forward. We are happy that you guys are apart of BASIC BROS.

February 2019 FINALLY!!! The webshop is open and we´re starting with a 10% discount on your first order. Go nuts!


October 2018 Team up with DK´s best looking viking-hunk, Mads Engelhardt and shooting the first Basic Bros brand images.

October 2018 Working on finding the right design for the future webshop... Does anyone have a manuel?

August 2018 Signing the first Basic Bros limited edition collection.There´s no way back now!

July 2018 Second round of samples delivered. Brought to Roskilde Festival to be tested. Approved!! Cheers!

June 2018 We recieve the first batch of samples and we are exited - lets have some more!

March 2018 We buy the domain and we are ready to part of the World Wide Web.

Janurary 2018 After many years of thinking, prepering and researching, we decide to make the transformation from an idea to a physical fashion brand. LETS DO THIS !