BASIC BROS is a new independent micro fashion brand which will release contemporary, simple and cool menswear in comfortable materials and qualities made for men, boys and real bros basically :-). We do not consider ourselves a traditional fashion label in that we won't be following the fashion calendar, nor will we release large collections. We are going for limited edition collections. We are based in Copenhagen and we master simplicity and we have fun! Chill always!

Every item we release, can be worn individually as well as collectively to create versatile and considered styles. The collection will be built over time and as a result live, grow and evolve. We are not in a hurry. All of our pieces will be in limited quantity, so hurry up, guys!

The collection is manufactured in Britain.

This is the starting point for BASIC BROS, the foundations. We will be releasing more items and have some exciting and cool items lined up. To see these new releases, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and see the everyday life of BASIC BROS. If anything happens, you will be the first to know.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@basicbros.dk

Chill always, BASIC BROS